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Apprenticeship Recruitment

How can ASAT Ltd help you?

ASAT Ltd offer a free recruitment service for all of our clients looking to hire an apprentice*. Recruiting yourself can be a time consuming process, but with our quality team we can help you find the right candidate for you.

The Process

Stage 1 – The first consultation call will help us gain an  understanding of your company and will give us a clear idea of the candidate you are looking for. Following the consultation we will draft a job description for your vacancy, ensuring it has all the relevant details included.

Stage 2 – We will advertise the vacancy on the National Apprenticeship Vacancy Monitoring Service (NAVMS), where we will filter through the initial CVs ensuring the applicants meet the criteria.

Stage 3 – After filtering the CV’s we will give applicants a phone interview to get a better understanding of the applicant. The screening call will ensure they meet the   criteria set out by your organisation, their current skills-set, career goals and what is it that interest them about the specific apprenticeship.

Stage 4 – After the screening call, every learner will be required to undertake Initial Assessments for Maths,  English and ICT if applicable. They will need to be  completed within 48 hours after the screening call. This enables us to have a better understanding of the individuals skills level and is a funding requirement.

Stage 5 – Following the completion of the Initial  Assessments, we will contact you with details on the applicants and send the CV over via email. We will then arrange a face-to-face interview at your premises, with the applicant, at a convenient time for yourselves.

Stage 6 – Once the interviews have taken place and a formal offer has been made to the successful candidate and after the candidate has commenced their employment, a member of our team will be in contact regarding the enrolment.

What to consider when recruiting?

When recruiting an apprentice it is important to remember they won’t be the finished product. You should be looking for someone eager to learn, develop and grow into the role.

It is likely that the applicant you will be interviewing will be of a young age and does not have any experience with    being interviewed.  They therefore may find it difficult to  demonstrate their skills compared to more experienced applicants.

*Subject to TOB’s