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What can you expect of ASAT Ltd? 

ASAT Ltd will:

  • To conduct regular reviews and assessments and to include the employer in this process to ensure that they are aware of the progress of the learner throughout the training programme.
  • Support, guidance, training and expertise on all matters associated with Health and Safety including accident prevention and investigation, Equality and Diversity and Safeguarding.
  • Provide support, advice and guidance where required/requested to ensure the apprentice meets the requirements as set out in the apprenticeship standard.
  • Liaise with the apprentice and practice managers in regards to the dates and times for any scheduled appointments and exams.
  • Undertake direct observations of the apprentice in their place of work, in order to provide evidence for their apprenticeship portfolio.
  • Provide support with any functional skills tutoring for Maths and English, that the apprentice may require. 
  • Provide feedback to the employer regarding the readiness of the apprentice to undertake their End Point Assessment.