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Why an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is an alternate route for many instead of going to sixth form, college or even university. Undertaking an apprenticeship qualification has many benefits to you as the learner.

Benefits of an Apprenticeship

    • Earn as you learn – While you are in learning as an apprentice not only will you be gaining a nationally recognised qualification, but also earn a real wage. The national minimum wage for apprentices is currently £3.90 per hour, however many employers pay more than this. Depending on the sector, region and apprenticeship level you can be earning on average between £5.00-£7.00 per hour.
    • You will have the same benefits as any other employee, such as a contact of employment, holiday entitlement etc.
    • You will be trained in skills specific to your job role at your place of work.
  • You can gain the same qualification that you would if you went to university with a higher or degree level apprenticeship, without gaining the debt of university fees.