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What can you expect from your employer?

As an apprentice going on course with Anderson Stockley, what can you expect from your employer? 

    • To provide a contract of Employment.
    • To provide time in your paid working hours for training, assessment and reviews.
    • To support the Apprenticeship requirements and process ensuring you complete ALL elements required for the Apprenticeship qualification.
    • To pay you, the Apprentice, for the hours you spend working and those you spend studying during working hours.
    • To ensure you are earning at least the National Minimum Wage for an Apprentice and you are employed for at least 30 hours per week.
    • To support you to ensure you spend at least 20% of your time completing ‘off the job training’.
    • To provide you with a workplace mentor, who will work with you in surgery, to help guide and support you.
  • To ensure you are given time during the working week to complete the 20% off the job training.