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Online Learning Offer

ASA Training Ltd are committed to providing all learners full access to training and development during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What remote education will be made available for different learner cohorts?

All our qualifications are delivered using a blended delivery model, which allows learners to continue with their qualification during this pandemic. All learners have access and can complete activities associated to their qualification through our E-portfolio system, OneFile. The system allows learners to complete and submit their work and receive feedback of work from our delivery team.

What impact has the pandemic had on delivery arrangements, such as timetabling and assessment arrangements?

Learners will still receive regular one-to-one sessions with their assessor; however, these will be conducted either via phone or by using videoconferencing technology rather than being face-to-face. All learners have a designated assessor that can be contacted via telephone, email or through the E-Portfolio system.

What is expected of learners?

During the pandemic it is vital that learners are fully engaged and taking ownership of their training/development. Our delivery team will ensure that learners are supported and guided throughout. Learners are expected to attend the pre-arranged appointments and group revision sessions and continue to complete all work set, to show ongoing learning and progress towards their qualifications.

What arrangements are in place for learners studying courses that require specialist equipment or facilities?

Our qualifications do not require any specialist equipment or facilities beyond access to a computer and the internet. We work with the learner’s employers to make sure they have access to this in the workplace. Where learners are required to be observed for their qualifications, we are working with awarding body adaptations to ensure all learners are still able to progress with their qualifications.

What support is available for learners without devices, connectivity, or a suitable environment for learning?

We work closely with our learners and their employers to ensure any learners who may have problems with accessing devices, connectivity or a suitable learning environment are able to access these through their workplace. Where this is not possible, we will advise learners who they can contact to see if they are eligible for any support through government schemes.

What support is available for learners with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)?

We believe every learner should have access to our qualifications.  A learner with SEND will be fully supported and delivery adapted as required to their individual needs.  For example: learning needs/styles, duration of their qualification would be extended if the learner worked less hours due to their disability.